Frankly speaking, owing to the busy nature of life today, everything seeks attention- kitchen chores included. Most moms and chefs would want their food making chore an easy task; and there is nothing that does that than having a good kitchen knife for an excellent dice and slice! Clearly, did you know that this is the single most paramount tool in your entire kitchen!

List of Best Chef Knives

Well, perhaps we shall look at some of the best chef knives that I have personally used and that can certainly quench your thirst of looking for that perfect kitchen knife. These brands will definitely transform your cooking sessions for good!

Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku

This is a high quality German made knife and has been with us for many years. It has a curved handle that gives comfort to some people’s hands. Additionally, its Santoku, Japanese-style blade makes it attractive. Its lack of a bolster will certainly make this knife easy to sharpen, which is a plus! The knife costs $140.

Henckels Professional S 8-Inch Chef Knife

The popular Henkels is the largest knife-makers worldwide, and having been there for a longer period of time, you will guess its reliability in production of quality knife models. One of its lines is the Pro S: full forged, a full-tang, bolster added, and a three-rivet handle – such a classy mode! This is almost similar with the Wusthof discussed earlier. So, your preference will guide your choice.

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Global 7-Inch Santoku(G-48)

This is an affordable cutting- edge fashion knife with desired lightness and sharpness. It’s made of high quality steel processed to give a glittering end product. Its edge is so amazing especially when slicing. You should try it out. At Amazon the knife goes for only $88.

Shun Classic 8-Inch Chef Knife (DM0706)

This is another popular Japanese brand virtually similar with the Global brand. It comes with a striking attractiveness coupled with amazing sharpness.It’s more durable than any other knife on this list. I like its reliability and easiness in slicing. Plus, it boasts of a great Pakkawood handle that’s comfortable to handle. It’s a great option owing that it goes for approximately $100- priced to sell!

Misono UX10 GYUTOU

With this knife brand everything in my kitchen became effortless. It’s a sturdy variety, made of Swedish stainless-steel that’s resistant to acidic foods than its counterparts. For a moment, its cost will startle you ($199), but you can be guaranteed of durability, ease of cleaning and efficiency.

Now, you are free to make up your mind,You are guaranteed of up to a 30 year durability period , efficiency and ease of cleaning. Besides, don’t get disappointed by their cost, if possible, make one purchase at a time. Amazingly, you get what you pay for!

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